The Singapore Promise: International Inspiration Documentary.

22-minute sports-themed documentary entitled “The Singapore Promise: An International Inspiration” which was commissioned by the British Council and screened in over 18 Commonwealth countries. This documentary was produced by participants of the Forward Ever Foundation. 

P'John and the Two Wise Birds

P’John’s clumsy ways gets him excommunicated from his flock. With the biggest threat gone, an opportunistic hawk swoops in and terrorizes the flock of pigeons.

P’John makes two new friends, Humi and Kisskidee on his journey to become a “Real Pigeon”. After outmaneuvering a doubles vendor and paying an offering to the Two Wise Birds (The Cocrico and Scarlet Ibis), P’John is reassured that he already has greatness within him. With the help of his new friends, P’John finds inner courage to challenge the hawk and save his flock from an impending storm.

Pan Trinbago Training and Talent Search

In collaboration with Pan Trinbago a number of workshops were carried out to train members of the national youth steelbands in improvisation and the art of film production.

At the beginning of every workshop we told the participants “Life is about seeking out new challenges and constant forward momentum.” They displayed exceptional talent and rose to the occasion with frivolity and enthusiasm.

FEF is embarking on a talent search for young people who are interested in movies to be a part of our upcoming movie projects.

From left: Christopher Din Chong (Co-Founder, Chairman FEF), Dane Gulston (External Relations Officer of Pan Trinbago), Cheryl Din Chong (Co-Founder, Director FEF), Beverley Ramsey-Moore (President Pan Trinbago), Denise Hernandez (Secretary Pan Trinbago), Jason Lewis (Manager of Trinidad All Stars Youth Steel Orchestra)