Chris Ding Chong


Christopher Anthony Din Chong

“I inspire my audience by being a positive influencer as I explore the duality of
the individual and society through my particular brand of storytelling.

For the past ten years I have been tutoring film and video production to underprivileged children and high school students in Trinidad and Tobago as well as Cuba. I saw parallels in the work I was doing through my Foundation and the resulting Forward Ever Lifestyle (FEL) program that I developed.

Similar to Hitchcock, duality in society and individuals are a recurring theme in my work. I am fascinated by the journeys taken by imperfect people in an imperfect world. The three films I have produced show the parallels between good and evil. Who’s bad, who’s good? Are they always bad, are they always good?

Hitchcock said in a 1963 interview, it comes under the heading that all villains are not black and all heroes are not white. There are grays everywhere; I could not agree with him more.

I have attached a few sample blog posts of what the Forward Ever Lifestyle entails.

In my life I have experienced crippling anxiety and personal injury in a car accident. The accident still affects me to this day. I was not driving that day, but the experience led me to the following conclusion: ‘You’re helpless to steer when not in the driver’s seat.’

My back and left leg still hurt from time to time but it is a welcomed reminder to be the master of my own destiny; to always be in the driver’s seat.

That experience has resulted in me becoming a Value Strategist and to the development of the Forward Ever Lifestyle.

I strategize ways for anyone to stop making excuses, expand their limited experiences and get out of their own way. It’s not your fault that your time and energies are not maximized, because most of the time we are on auto pilot and we let our inner villain and victim drive us nowhere.

While our most powerful warrior self is left in the passenger seat helplessly watching us drive into that wall, over the cliff and into the dark abyss way below our potential.

Rewrite your life story with you as the hero. Help your action hero grab that wheel and put the victim and villain in the back seat where they belong.

Wouldn’t you rather have your villain and victim work with you than against you?

Reign in your inner villain (bad side) because we all have a good and a bad side and they need to work together.

Hi I’m Chris your resident Sinner Saint; today I want to talk to you about the Forward Ever Lifestyle (fel). The fel is about rewriting your life story with you as the hero. It’s about maximizing time and energy by removing excuses and self-sabotaging habits.

I managed depression and anxiety in my early twenties and I’m still controlling it today. I have however learned to suppress it by simply focusing on positive momentum.

What have you overcome in your lifetime to get you where you are? Was it a personal victory? Share your story with us, so that we can in turn learn and garner inspiration from your words. Someone out there might be enduring a similar plight and your words could help to heal them.