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I believe the first step in any creative endeavour is to produce work that would not only entertain but also inspire. Writing truly engaging subplots and well defined characters are skill sets that come with patience, tutorage, constructive criticism and the humility to step away from the work and do what is best for the story to jump off the page.

My screenplays make use of sparse writing with strictly essential exposition. Nothing is over explained and no dialogue is wasted.I always aim to follow the first rule of screenwriting which says…show don’t tell. With horror being my favorite genre I try to utilize conventional tropes sparingly and efficiently.

I am presently producing, writing and directing several television, web based, novel based, film and theatrical productions including Bois, Lynch, Stumps and Carnival of the Dead. I am also currently developing a slate of thriller, horror and fantasy projects. Please see excerpts from some of my work below. Full scripts can be provided upon request (


Due to the slow building of the tension and the fact that we don’t see the antagonist till well into the script, the reader is given ample time to bond with the characters and feel the character’s plight when the conflict does kick in. At no point did I have to make any assumptions with respect to the world and the characters that occupy it.  This was accomplished quite skillfully without spoon feeding me too much and providing just enough for the story to progress. 

D. Sealy

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