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About Us

3 Line Studios is a new Caribbean media brand and digital network that connects Caribbean content with viewers worldwide. Viewers who appreciate culturally relevant content that directly reflect their lives. The global entertainment industry is ever expanding and 3 Line Studios has positioned itself strategically by using the latest technology to provide its production services. This means that the services offered achieve a level of quality reserved for only the most expensive production companies.

FEF facilitates the training aspects of 3 Line Studios productions; 3 Line Studios executes the actual movie productions.

upcoming projects

Carnival Baby

A girl tries to reconcile with her estranged father; a pan man on a soca cruise ship.

Queen of Soca

A girl down on her luck defies her mother and uses Soca music to raise the family out of squalor.


Don’t let them touch you

Five friends find themselves preyed upon by flesh eating, inbred lepers within a defunct leper colony on a deserted island. 



A poor boy from a rural village acquires cricket talent from an enchanted cricket bat that allows him to pursue his dream of becoming a world class cricketer.

Mas Slaughter

They fear the monsters that they create

A loner must overcome a sinister plot by an extremist group, who plan to disrupt annual Carnival celebrations.

Carnival of the Dead

A mischievous century old supernatural curse is released transforming party goers into the living dead during Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

past projects

3 line

Six (6) friends are preyed upon by a family of sadists as they shoot an investigative documentary in an isolated coastline village of Trinidad.


Narrated by the film’s young protagonist, “3 Line: Sanskara” follows the bloody retaliation of the boy’s surrogate parents – a hardened killer and his mentally unhinged wife – against the notorious Black Rose crime family. 

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