"This program was a wonderful experience, it taught me to open up and gain confidence. I enjoyed the improv experience where we had to act out a scene without talking".

Carisse Jerrmie

" I really enjoyed the workshop it was a lot of fun, I would really like to be a part of the (FEF) Foundation, I enjoyed being able to act".

Deanisha Charles

" It was AMAZING, I loved everything".

Valene Cotton

" The program was very interesting,exciting and fun, allowing youths to explore and understand skits, improv and for us to get out of our comfort zone. I especially enjoyed the funny skits performed by the group, The presenters were very good in explaining and keeping the group active".

Angello Huggins

" I think the program was an important experience for everyone especially the younger ones; acting is a crucial component in the expression of thought and emotion. I enjoyed working with my peers and I believe I gained an insight into how the younger ones think. I also liked seeing how happy the exercises made everyone".

Nassa Sampong

" It was a fun, innovative and creative program and I would really like to participate in something like this again. Every aspect of the day was enjoyable, I want more of this program".

Xavier Williams

" I like that even though some self esteems were low we all managed to open up and enjoy the program. I enjoyed all the short plays".

Jada Alexander

"It was very interesting and entertaining, I would love to do it again. The Presenters were open and made us feel very comfortable in the activities".

Kyami Stanley

" I think the program was very informative and fun to participate in, I enjoyed working with my peers and learning more about them".

Omari Gordon

I had a lot of fun in the program. It made me interact more with my peers. I enjoyed the acting".

Diamond Joseph

" It was a great experience, it taught me to have self confidence. I especially enjoyed the drama part".

Aliyah Dick

"I thought it was an innovative workshop and I learnt a lot and had a great deal of fun. I enjoyed the acting the most it was really funny. This workshop was excellent.

Kernnice Jacob

" It was very motivational and helped me to learn a lot of new and exciting stuff about film and acting. I loved everything about the workshop".

Shania Edwards

" The workshop was very exciting and new. It helped me get out of my comfort zone, it was very enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the activities and the teachers".

Aishah Louison

" The program was very successful, learning new stuff was amazing and made me want to learn more and be a part of the Foundation, I enjoyed acting with my colleagues and warming up. Just want to say thanks to FEF for coming and making us feel a part of this experience".

Tishanna Aleia

" I really enjoyed this program because I learned a lot about what actors go through to prepare for their roles. I enjoyed the acting and the 30min plays. I am interested in music production and want to be a part of your Foundation".

Adia Gordon

" This workshop was awesome, I enjoyed everything we did today. I would love to participate in your future workshops".

Jade Charles